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Secure alphanumeric random in Scala

Random values in Scala are usually generated using the scala.util.Random class. This implementation may be fine for some use cases, but it is definitely not recommended for security-critical purposes. If you need to generate a unique token for your API, to generate a unique URL for your users or any other use case that require a CSPRNG, you have to resort to Java’s SecureRandom.

Here is a simple Scala object to generate alphanumeric strings. It is based on the implementation taken from here:

import java.math.BigInteger

object RandomUtil {
  private val random = new SecureRandom()

  def alphanumeric(nrChars: Int = 24): String = {
    new BigInteger(nrChars * 5, random).toString(32)

Note that new SecureRandom() is preferable over SecureRandom.getInstanceStrong because it uses /dev/urandom instead of /dev/random. The former is non-blocking and equally secure.

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